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Zanzibar Kitesurf

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

A real kitesurf paradise for both beginners and experts but also for couples who wish to relax and enjoy the island. Explore the authentic local villages and the old town.
Zanzibar, also called “Spice Island”, is a wonderful place to do a host of activities. Lounge on the beach, kitesurf, dive and snorkel or swim with dolphins when you want to have a break.

Zanzibar offers the perfect conditions for beginners and experienced boarders. Shallow waters, sandy bottoms and great winds, perfect for beginners and flat-water junkies. The reef protects the coastline and gives amazing waves to surf in, a playground for endless down winders and strapless riding. And of course the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.
  • Day 1 - Arrival Day

    Make your own way to our hotel. The hotel is situated only 150 meters from the longest beach on Zanzibar in a peaceful and beautiful village called Paje. After check in around 14:00 and a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue water, you will receive some nice to know information about the hotel, and from there the rest of the day/evening will be yours to enjoy.

    The following days will of course consist of a lot of kitesurfing, but there will also be plenty of time to relax on the beach, visit the local village or even arrange tours and excursion, such as swimming with dolphins, a visit to the rainforest to observe monkeys, exploring the local spice tour, treat yourself with a nice massage and much more. Just ask at the hotel.

    Meal: Dinner (drinks not included)

  • Day 2 - Kite Program (approximately 3 hours/2 hours for individuals)

    The kite centre is only a few hundred meters down the beach from your hotel so it’s easy just to walk there according to your schedule announced by the kite centre.

    Kitesurfing is very dependant on the weather conditions, but your instructor will always let you know one day in advance when to be ready the following day.

    On your first day your program will be thus:
    - Welcome & registration
    - Spot check
    - Flying trainer kite on the beach
    - Kite theory basics
    - Kite gear setup
    - Instruction about safety systems
    - Water entrance and kite flying
    - Kite control exercises
    - Landing / Launching
    - Body drag
    - Evaluation

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks not included)

  • Day 3 - Kite Program (approximately 3 hours/2 hours for individuals)

    On your second day of kitesurfing you will already have developed a much better feeling and understanding for the kite and the power of the wind. It is now time to move a step forward in developing your skills and experience and playing with the kites in the water.

    Todays program will, depending on your progress from the day before, most likely be:
    - Kite setup by yourself
    - Landing/Launching
    - Water entrance and kite flying
    - Advanced kite control exercises
    - Progressing body drags
    - Kite relaunch from water
    - Body drag upwind
    - Safety exercises
    - Evaluation

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks not included)

  • Day 4 - Kite Program (approximately 3 hours/2 hours for individuals)

    On your third day of kiting you will still learn new skills, but it is also at this point that you will normally be ready to learn more independent skills and hopefully get your first water start.

    Todays program will, depending on your progress from the days before, most likely be:
    - Kite setup by yourself
    - Theory water start
    - Water entrance and first water start
    - Exercises to get independent
    - Walking with the kite & board
    - First riding experience
    - Evaluation

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks not included)

  • Day 5 to 6 - Kite Program (approximately 3 hours/2 hours for individuals)

    On the fourth and fifth day you will most likely be fully ready to practice completely independent and with guidance from your instructor, you will quickly feel that you are making big progress.

    The program will, depending on your progress from the days before, most likely be:
    - Kite setup by yourself
    - Water entrance,
    - Share kite with other student (like day 1-3)
    - Supervision from instructor

    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks not included)

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You will be taught the very basics of kitesurfing from handling the kite, to body dragging and the first waterstarts. After the lessons you will be an independent beginner and will know the basics of the sport and can practice by yourself in a safe way.

There are also options to do the following
Swim with dolphins
Spice tour
Deep-sea fishing
Scooter trips
Visiting the old slave market
Guided village tour
Rainforest walk


Children below the age of 12 not allowed


You will be staying at the cosy and relaxed Savanna & Ocean Hotel. With an authentic African feeling and own privat beach, the hotel is a wonderful oasis to relax when you have spent a long day in the water or exploring elsewhere in Zanzibar.

Depending on your choice, the price includes either a dorm bed, single room or double room, all options are spacious rooms with electrical fans and AC. All rooms have mosquito nets as well as toilet and shower facilities.


There is no transportation included in this package. Make your own way to the hotel.


The price includes full board so all your meals (3 daily) will be served in the Savanna & Ocean hotel restaurant.

Ekstra information

All needed equipment is included; kite, bar, board, harness and helmet
You have to bring your own swim shorts, sunblock and sunglasses.

About Safety:
It is generally very safe to travel in Zanzibar. However one should avoid walking alone at night. Please limit the amount of jewelry you bring on your trip; it can tempt potential thieves into stealing. We cannot be held responsible for any lost items/property.

Since kiting is very dependent on the wind conditions, and wind being a force of nature, the conditions can vary from day to day. We advise you to be mentally flexible to changes in the program. This might mean that you attend double lessons one day and none the next. We will of course try our utmost to make sure that you get the full itinerary! If in the judgment of the Kite Centre a course is unable to start due to the weather conditions, or because safety could be compromised for any reason, there will be a reimbursement on half the price of what was not achieved at the kite centre. The compensation will be paid out by Savanna & Ocean or can be credited towards tours, massage or other products sold by the company.

We teach the IKO way of teaching and after you reached a certain level a card of competence will be provided (+10€).

For us it is important to get you as quickly as possible on the water in the safest way.

The courses are given in groups of max. 4 persons (mostly 2). The reason is that you learn to help each other, and you also see and learn from the mistakes of the others.

The courses are normally held in English, but on request we can also teach in Dutch, or when available in Spanish, Italian or German.
The lessons are cancelled if there's no wind (2 Bft or less) or if there's too much wind (6Bft or more). This is due to safety reasons.

Gear rental: If you completely ruin the kite, this will result in you buying the kite at full retail price. If something like a big rip occurs, then the centre decides if you pay a fixed fee of 250€.

How to behave:
On Zanzibar 99 % of the inhabitants are Muslims. We recommend our guests to respect the religion and think about how they dress and thier general behaviour while in public.
Men are expected to wear shorts and t-shirts. For women it is normal to cover shoulders and knees when you are not on the beach or at the hotel.
It is not allowed to go topless or wear a g-string.
If you wish to enjoy alcohol, we recommend you do it with consideration to the customs in Zanzibar.