Learn Spanish in Madrid - One To One

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

Madrid - this is where the soul of Spain becomes almost touchable. The vivacious capital is a center for culture, music and fashion. For those who want to experience and understand the Spanish lifestyle, Madrid is a wonderful place to visit. Even at four in the morning the city is still awake: Madrileños chat in the street cafes and bars and dance in the nightclubs, celebrating themselves and their beautiful city.

Study abroad programs in Madrid are particularly special experiences: you can learn Spanish from native speakers with our language courses in Madrid, and also discover one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The proud capital of Spain has a unique way of life, combining cosmopolitan modernity with Spanish serenity and zest for life. A Spanish program in Madrid is an investment in your future, and taking one will give you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experience and perhaps even develop new friendships. It’s easy to talk to the Madrileños and, as they tend to speak very clearly, you can quickly develop your Spanish skills. Discover for yourself the many benefits of taking a Spanish language course in Madrid!
  • Pre-Arrival Language Test

    All students fill out an online Spanish test prior to their arrival so they can be assigned to the right classes. If you have beginners Spanish, it’s still a good idea to take the test as it gives you a nice introduction to the course.

  • One To One Course

    One-to-one language training is the quickest and most intensive way to learn a language or to improve your language skills. The format of the individual lessons is totally determined by the needs and desires of the student. The hours of this course are flexible which makes it possible to book such a language course together with another course option. This course is also ideal as a tutoring or support course to focus on problem areas. All aspects of the language are taught in as short a time as possible without being overly demanding. With two lessons a day you will also have free time for extracurricular activities and to getting to know the country and its culture.

    Classes: 2 lessons per day, each of 45 minutes
    Class size: 1 student
    Levels: basic, intermediate, advanced

    The participant has a great influence on the course. Therefore the individual lessons are structured in a different way. The teacher and the student focus on fields, the student wants to improve in.


Choose between two types of accommodation in Madrid: Apartment or Host Family.

The shared apartment is part of our concept of communicative learning and provides you with the opportunity to enjoy your free time activities in Madrid with the other students. If you communicate with your flat mates in Spanish, you can quickly and almost effortlessly improve your language skills. All apartments offer the choice of single rooms and double rooms. Bed linen is provided, but please bring your own towels. Course participants share the bathroom and kitchen with the other students, and cook for themselves.

Host Family:
If you choose the homestay option, you will have the chance to experience the Spanish way of life and the opportunity to practice your new language skills in conversation with individual family members. The host families are open, helpful and friendly. On your first day they will help you become familiar with your new daily life: keys, meal times, use of the washing machine etc. The family provides bed linen, but please bring your own towels.




Breakfast or half board included with Host Family.

Ekstra information

Courses start every Monday (arrival Sunday, course start Monday, departure Saturday).

Public Holidays
Our language school is closed on the following public holidays in 2018:
January: 1
March: 30
May: 1 & 15
August: 15
October: 12
November: 1 & 9
December: 6, 24-28
January 2019: 1 & 7

Season Surcharge
Sprachcaffe has different prices for the accommodation depending on the season. The seasons are classed as low and high. Therefore, the following surcharges will apply in addition to the regular fare.

The season surcharges for 2018 are:
Low to high 25 EUR per week

The seasons for 2018 are:
LOW: 01 Jan - 17 Mar & 26 Aug - 16 Mar 2019
HIGH: 18 Mar - 25 Aug