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Learn Spanish in Playa Del Carmen - Standard

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

Discover the delights of this Caribbean coastal town, which enchants its residents and visitors alike with its white, powdery beaches, tall palms and incredible Latin American atmosphere. In such an environment, learning becomes almost effortless!

Study abroad programs in Playa del Carmen are particularly special experiences: you can learn Spanish from native speakers with our language courses in Playa del Carmen, and also discover the Mexican Caribbean. Go diving in the second largest barrier reef in the world, snorkel in the caves or with whale sharks. A Spanish program in Playa del Carmen is an investment in your future, and taking one will give you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experience and perhaps even develop new friendships. Go on an adventure in the nearby jungle and make sure you go to the Mayan city, Tulum, which has a unique location by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Discover for yourself the many benefits of taking a Spanish language course in Playa del Carmen!
  • Pre-Arrival Language Test

    All students fill out an online Spanish test prior to their arrival so they can be assigned to the right classes. If you have beginners Spanish, it’s still a good idea to take the test as it gives you a nice introduction to the course.

  • Standard Course

    Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your Spanish, a standard language course at our language school in Play Del Carmen is bound to meet your requirements. This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extracurricular activities. That way, you can discover Playa Del Carmen and its surrounding area, get to know the Mexican culture and traditions, do sports and much more.

    The size of the standard Spanish courses in Playa Del Carmen is limited to a maximum of 10 students, who always come from a wide range of countries and create an international atmosphere in the class.

    Classes: 4 lessons per day, each of 45 minutes, 5 course days per week
    Levels: basic, intermediate, advanced

    The four lessons that you will have each day are as follows:
    1 lesson - grammar and general vocabulary exercises
    1 lesson - conversation
    2 lessons - reading, understanding texts, listening, writing

    The course structure may vary depending on the individual teachers and students. The topics usually refer to current articles from local newspapers and magazines. We work with texts that match the students' language skills. In this way, the texts and topics can be discussed actively by the group.


Choose between two types of accommodation in Playa Del Carmen: Residence Comfort or Host Family

Residence Comfort:
You can share accommodation with language students from different countries in our school residence in Playa del Carmen. As a result, you get the opportunity to practice your Spanish outside the classroom and to enjoy your free time activities (excursions, sport and cinema) with other students. This will help you to make much faster progress.

Our school residence is located on our campus in the center of Playa del Carmen. The campus, which also contains the classrooms and the language school’s library, was opened in 2008 and is just 4 blocks away from the beach. The campus combines modern elements with typical Mexican architecture. The facilities include a private bathroom with a shower and toilet, cable TV, safe in the room, WiFi, phone, kitchenette with mini-refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and dishes, ceiling fan and air conditioning. On our grounds there is also a swimming pool, a central patio, restaurant, and a car rental which can be used. In addition, room service and a laundry service can be requested.

Host Family:
If you choose the homestay option, you will have the chance to experience the Mexican way of life and you will often have the opportunity to practice your new language skills. Staying in this type of private accommodation enables you to become familiar with the lifestyle of the local people and learn about an important part of Mexican culture. On the first day of your language holiday your host family will help you become familiar with your new everyday life: keys, meal times, use of the washing machine etc, so you can quickly get used to your new surroundings. You can book a single room with breakfast. The family will provide bed linen, but please bring your own towels.


You can choose to include an arrival transfer from Cancun airport to your accommodation on the Sunday you arrive. Please just inform your travel advisor who will help you book this.


Breakfast included with Host Family

Ekstra information

Courses start on specific Mondays (arrival Sunday, course start Monday, departure Saturday)

2017 dates which are suitable for complete beginners:
February: 06
March: 06
April: 03
May: 01
June: 05
July: 03, 17 & 31
August: 21
September: 04
October: 02 & 30
November: 27

2018 dates which are suitable for complete beginners:
February: 05
March: 05

Our language school is closed on the following public holidays in 2017:
- 20 & 21 March
- 13 & 14 April
- 01 May
- 15 & 16 September
- 02 & 20 November
- 17 December 2017 - 04 February 2018

Sprachcaffe has different prices for the accommodation depending on season. The seasons are classed as low, medium & high. Therefore, the following surcharges will apply in addition to the regular fare.

The season surcharges for 2017 are:

The seasons for 2017 are:
LOW: 23 Apr - 01 Jul & 28 Aug - 04 Nov
MEDIUM: 02 Jul - 27 Aug & 05 Nov - 16 Dec
HIGH: 05 Feb - 22 Apr & 04 Feb 2018 - 31 Mar 2018