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Animal Charity

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

Help give animals the healthcare that they deserve. This project provides healthcare to animals belonging to people who are too overwhelmed with poverty to pay for their animal`s care.

The project has a clinic where complicated surgery,sterilisations and vaccinations are done, and mobile-clinic vans that go out to the townships. The community is informed that the mobile-clinic van will be in their township on a particular day, and then anyone with an animal needing medical attention will queue up to be seen by the para-veterinary workers in the mobile clinic. Volunteers can get involved with everything, even assisting with surgery preparations after a bit of training. Volunteers at this project will be contributing both to the lives of animals and `their' people. This is a welfare veterinary service provider to the owners of animal who are not able to afford private veterinary services. Volunteer for Animals in Africa!

Our work is structured in the following ways: a hospital that attends to animals whose owners are able to bring in to the hospital; a clinic that is
an area that is too busy to be attended to by mobile units,and three mobile units that travel to townships to attend to the needs of animals. Without these services hundreds of animals would not receive any veterinary care. A big part of the services offered is sterilising female dogs and cats to prevent more unwanted puppies and kittens from being born and neglected. Our work ranges from primary veterinary healthcare provision to performing complicated orthopaedic surgery. Furthermore, our work can no longer only be viewed in terms of veterinary care but is also a public health issue - we play an important role in ensuring the transmission of diseases from animals to people is minimized. We play an important role in promoting the vaccination of animals.
  • Project Highlights

    Helping animals get proper healthcare and aiding them in there recovery.

    As a welfare service provider, we see a vast range of cases that provides good work experience for veterinarians/vet nurses. They volunteers receive exposure that they would not normally receive in private practice.

  • Weekly Schedule & Activities

    Helping animals get proper healthcare and aiding them in there recovery. As a welfare service provider, we see a vast range of cases that provides good work experience for veterinarians/vet nurses. The volunteers receive exposure that they would not normally receive in private practice.

    - Assist animal welfare officers in clinics at the hospital
    - Assist vets at the clinic in prepping animals for surgery
    - Assist animal welfare officers on mobile units (males only)
    - Caring for animals in recovery and ensuring their environment is hygienic
    - Marketing, fundraising and public relations assistance
    - Website development and electronic newsletters
    - Helping with day to day running of the clinic/hospital
    - General maintenance, such as gardening, building andpainting

    Please take note that volunteers may not perform any surgical procedures or diagnose animals.

  • Inclusions

    - Airport transfers
    - Cape Town Orientation package: 3 nights' accommodation, orientation that covers everything the volunteers need to know about staying in South Africa (from social skills to transport and safety), two meals per day, bus trip into town, lunch (on the Friday), walking tour of the city, a train ride back to there accommodation and day trip (on the Saturday)
    - All paperwork, placement and liaising with your volunteer program
    - Appointed supervisor for the duration of program
    - Accommodation
    - Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
    - Donation per month to the volunteer project to assist in their funding
    - A South African SIM card that works on a pay-as-you-go top up system
    - Monthly socials for volunteers to get together and meet other volunteers (cost depends on social)
    - Certificate & report on volunteer`s program should this be required for studies or other purposes
    - FREE 2-hour surf lesson

  • Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

    - Minimum age of 18
    - Intermediate English. You need to be able to communicate with members of staff and animal owners, as this is not just about the animals but equally about the people.

  • Special Skills Required

    Volunteers will only work with trained animal welfare officers or veterinary staff, who will ensure that the volunteer can cope with any machinery used. We would welcome volunteers with the following experience:
    - ANYONE who loves animals
    - Veterinary qualification
    - Marketing and public relations
    - Website development and electronic newsletters
    - Building, painting and project management

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You will be accommodated in a Volunteer House OR with a South African Host Family in local community (own room or shared room with another volunteer (same gender)).

Here is some additional info about your accommodation in the case of a Volunteer House:
- Shared rooms between 4-6 volunteers
- Communal lounge and kitchen


- Your airport transfers are included in the price.
- A You2Africa shuttle (door to door from host family/volunteer house direct to project) is included in the price.
- Volunteers can also hire a car (at their own cost; only with valid a driver's license).

Arrive Thursday for orientation, start volunteering Monday.


Good wholesome fresh meals cooked daily by our chef who provides a great cereal breakfast and tasty delicious dinners with weekly menus to suit all culinary tastes. Lunches are at the volunteers' own cost and should be taken and eaten at the volunteer project. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with lactose or gluten intolerance, please just inform us at the time of booking. If you have more special dietary requirements, please be prepared to provide this for yourself.