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Spanish in Boquete - Intensive Group

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

Join an intensive group Spanish course in Boquete, a charming little town located in the Chiriqui highlands of Panama.

Our Spanish school is nestled in green settings with a fruit garden, volcano view and lots of birds. The school is excellent for students who appreciate tranquillity and want to combine learning the Spanish language while exploring the outdoors.

The school in Boquete has been teaching students Spanish since January 2006. We are located 5 kilometres outside Boquete at the entrance to the village of Palmira and there is a bus stop just only 180 metres from the school. The beautiful green fruit garden, with a great view of volcano Barú and its lush green surroundings, is a great place to be for studying Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Welcome Meet & Greet

    To welcome our new students and to kick off their first week, an Introduction Talk & Drink is held every Sunday night. Our language program includes a social, educational and fun activity program during weekdays. This way the students do not only learn Spanish, but also get offered activities such as Latin dance classes, movie nights, cooking workshops, tropical fruit cocktail hours, yoga, beach fit or a delicious barbecue. The best part is that it is all included in the course price. Every week during the introduction talk, the school manager will present the free activity program which we welcome the students to participate in.

  • Intensive Group Spanish Classes

    Intensive Group Spanish classes include 6 hours of lessons a day from Monday to Friday. The hours are from 8:00 till 12:00 with a break from 9:55 till 10:05, and again from 17:00 till 19:00. When there is only one student at this level, you receive 3 hours of private lessons at the same price.

  • About Your Location

    Boquete is a small village of only 4000 inhabitants, located 1060 meters above sea level, nestled in a beautiful green valley. The sparkling river Caldera runs through the village and volcano Barú raises majestically above surrounding mountains. Throughout Panama, Boquete is known for its cool and fresh climate and pristine natural environment. Many locals from other parts of the country visit this place during holidays. Because of the very fertile volcanic soil, coffee, flowers, vegetables and citrus fruits grow in Boquete abundantly. Coffee farms are an important source of income for indigenous people living in the mountains above Boquete. The Guaymís women wear colourful dresses and are commonly seen in the village. The people in this province are known for their friendliness and they are very willing to help you with your Spanish. It’s a good place to practice your Spanish since only a few speak English.

    Volcano Barú is the only volcano in Panama and there is no record of its last eruption. The Barú National Park offers some great hikes to the top of the volcano or along the volcano to Cerro Punta. There isn’t only one crater but seven. At the top of the volcano you will be able to see the Caribbean as well as the Pacific coast on a clear day. This is also the place to be for birdwatchers. If you plan to climb the volcano, you are advised to start early. During the afternoon the clouds are likely to spoil the view.

    In Boquete you have a choice of restaurants, (pool) bars, coffee shops, banks, internet cafes, a discothèque and some open air dance floors for special occasions. However, if you like to go out dancing every night, Boquete is not the most suitable option. The only night club in town is open every evening, but mostly visited on the weekends.

    In the second week of January a flower festival takes place. Boquete is known for its flower-lined streets and during this holiday season many Panamanians come to Boquete to admire the flowers and dance during the nights in one of the open air dance floors. In November there are some national holidays throughout the month which are celebrated extensively with parades and dancing during the night.

  • Public Holidays

    10 Nov - First Call for Independence from Spain
    28 Nov - Independence Day (from Spain)
    08 Dec - Mothers' Day
    25 Dec - Christmas Day (the school is closed)

    01 Jan - New Year's Day (the school is closed)
    09 Jan - National Martyrs' Day
    30 Mar - Good Friday (the school is closed)
    01 May - May Labor Day (the school is closed)
    15 Aug - Old Panama City Day (Panama City only)
    03 Nov - Independence Day (from Colombia)
    05 Nov - Colón Day
    10 Nov - First Call for Independence from Spain
    28 Nov - Independence Day (from Spain)
    08 Dec - Mothers' Day
    25 Dec - Christmas Day (the school is closed)


These activities are not included in the program, but can be booked and paid locally:

Halfday Trips:
Caldera hot springs
Canopy tour
Coffee tour
Guided hikes
Horseback ridign tours
Paradise gardens
Rock climbing

Day Trips:
Vulcan Barú
Whitewater rafting
Hiking "Sendero de los Quetzales"


In Boquete you can choose between two different accommodation types. As a standard we accommodate all our clients in a hostel. Should you wish to stay at a local homestay, let your travel advisor know and they will help you with the booking.

Hostel (School Residence):
If you like to be independent, yet share with fellow students, we recommend staying at our hostel whilst you study Spanish in Boquete. We have 4 bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Each room can be shared by up to 2 students, but you if you don’t mind paying a little more you can have your own private room. There is also one private room with a private bathroom. A kitchen is available to everybody staying in the hostel. There is Cable TV at the school, so lots of movies, music and information in Spanish (and English) is available. We also offer a continental breakfast in the morning for USD4 (to be paid locally).

Local Homestay:
Our homestay in Boquete, Panama gives you the opportunity to live with a host family. Living with a local family is a unique experience that will provide you with the opportunity to not only learn the language but also explore the culture. Our host families have been carefully selected. The rooms are private and have shared bathrooms. Home stays include breakfast and laundry but if you pay a bit more you can get dinner and lunch included as well. Food is typical Panamanian, nevertheless most families can adapt a little upon request (e.g. considering people’s diets). If you don’t use our pick-up service, you need to call the school to let us know at what time you will arrive in Boquete so your host family can welcome you at the school or at the bus station.


You have several options regarding transportation to the language school. Just let your travel advisor know if you would like one. The transfer is NOT included in the price and will be booked separately.

Taxi Transfer:
- Taxi transfer from David National Airport to accommodation of your choice

Total Air Transfer:
- Transfer from Panama City International Airport (Tocumen) to a hostel in Panama City
- 1 night in Panama City hostel in a private room with Wi-Fi and breakfast
- Transfer from Panama City hostel to Albrook International Airport
- Local flight from Panama City to David
- Taxi transfer from David National Airport to accommodation of your choice in Boquete

Total Bus Transfer:
- Transfer from Panama City International Airport (Tocumen) to a hostel in Panama City
- 1 night in Panama City hostel in a private room with Wi-Fi and breakfast
- Transfer from Panama City hostel to Albrook bus station
- Due to local laws concerning pre-purchasing of bus tickets, we cannot take care of this for you, therefore at the bus station you will have to buy your own bus ticket from Panama City to David (this should cost approx 18 USD)
- Upon arrival in David you will have to buy either a local bus ticket (this should cost approx 2 USD) or a taxi transfer (this should cost approx 35 USD) to the school in Boquete.


If you are staying at the hostel (School Residence), meals are not included.

If you are staying at the homestay, the meal inclusions will depend on the package you choose:
- Breakfast
- Breakfast & dinner
- Breakfast, lunch & dinner

The food is typically Panamanian, nevertheless, your host family can adapt a little on request (e.g. considering special dietary restrictions).