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Galapagos - Santa Cruz - Fundiving Extended

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

The diving Have you ever seen or heard about the amazing Galapagos? If you have, you might have been wondering, HOW do I get here? And most importantly, HOW do I get go diving with all those amazing sea creatures! We have the Answer Galapagos IS one of the 7 Underwater Wonders of our world, with the marine iguanas, the sea lions, the galapagos sharks, the mobula, eagle and manta rays, seahorses and (not to forget) the beautiful hammerhead sharks! But don't fool yourself The Galapagos are not like your average tropical island. The water can get down to 18 degrees in the winter time, and the currents can be playful at some of the bigger sites.

If you want to go diving at the dive site Gordon Rocks, the minimum experience required is 30 logged dives or a previous evaluation by our dive guides at another dive site! If you want to dive the amazing Gordon Rocks, but you haven't got the dives or are uncertain of your diving skills, the Advanced Course is recommended! During the Advanced Course, you will be diving at Gordon Rocks WITH your diving instructor, who will make sure that your dive is just as safe as it will be incredible. You will be obtaining another level of comfort in the water, while you do some great dives. It's a win win!

Okay, we will not go nuts on describing the Galapagos, there are so many islands and so much to do… Go GOOGLE it, if you haven’t already! In particular, WE like the island of Santa Cruz. It has a great beach, a lovely atmosphere and it is the perfect island to chill on, during the days you are diving. We have to give the island one extra point, for our passionate dive center. They will bend their back to send you out on the best possible adventures... and not just for diving. They have so much knowledge of the area and the surrounding islands, that they will become your go-to place, when you need advise on what and where. If you are traveling with family or friends, that are not diving, let them swing bye the dive center for their personal advise on extra special trips! Download the full brochure for much more information on this package and the destination in general! The non-diver brochure: The Fundiver brochure:

On the day of arrival, the equipment will be fitted and packed for the following days of diving; the rest of the day is left for exploring on land and settling in. The days will consist of diving until afternoon, on the dive sites best fitted for the day. This will be done from boat.
Between the two daily dives, the boat will stay at sea and lunch will be served. There will be no refund on dives not used. Check out is at noon on departure day.

Dive package: 6 days & 5 nights - 8 dives
If you have more time, THIS is your right choice. Here, you will have time to discover the central islands many dive sites and enjoy the great creatures living in this unique part of the world 1 day of arrival, 4 days of diving (2 dives a day), 1 day for departure/transfer.

  • Day 1: Check in at the accommodation. After you have settled in, please swing bye the dive center (before 6pm) to fill in papers, and get fitted for your dive equipment. The equipment will be packed for the following days of diving. Please remember your certification card, and if possible, your logbook.

  • Day 2: 2 fundives guided by a certified diveguide from the National Marine Park of Galapagos Islands. Lunch is served on the boat inbetween dives. If you are unsure about your equipment and weights, you will be taken to a lagoon for a check-out dive, prior to your first actual fundive.

  • Day 3: 2 fundives guided by a certified diveguide from the National Marine Park of Galapagos Islands. Lunch is served on the boat inbetween dives.

  • Day 4: 2 fundives guided by a certified diveguide from the National Marine Park of Galapagos Islands. Lunch is served on the boat inbetween dives.

  • Day 5: 2 fundives guided by a certified diveguide from the National Marine Park of Galapagos Islands. Lunch is served on the boat inbetween dives.

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8 dives


Your accommodation at Casa De Mathias, is half the wonder of this experience. Your super cozy private room/apartment is located in a lovely garden in a quiet family neighborhood. Chill in the hammocks, cook in your kitchen, or jump on your bike and head on over to your favorite restaurant.


Please seek adequate information from your travel agent regarding visa/permits and fees for the Galapagos islands!

Upon arrival, step outside Baltra airport and jump on one of the busses to take you down to the ferry (you will be charged a small fee), then you will be sailed over the strait (you will be charged a small fee)… THEN, you can either share a taxi (a full taxi is fairly priced) or jump on a local bus (cheaper). If you want to make your trip super easy, then you can arrange to be picked up by the trusted cap driver of the dive center. This can be arranged directly with the dive center. (e-mail is found on your voucher).

The fees for the taxi/local busses vary. Please talk to your travel agent, or check the internet before going. The fees are always in USD. Calculate 2 dollars for the airport bus, and another 2 dollars for the little boat taking you from Baltra to Santa Cruz Island, and you are covered!

The trip from the aiport to the dive center might sound like a hassle. But it is really not. Everybody are going in the same direction, just follow the people… And enjoy the view! Check the landing strip for the cool iguanas, and spot the pelicans on the boat crossing the strait. You have arrived!


No meals included, except for lunch on diving days


All year - best Dec to June

Ekstra information

Please remember to allow 18 hours before flying, after your last dive! You can expect that you will be out of the water on your last day of diving, by 3pm. Please plan your flights accordingly! If you want a longer itinerary, you can always add extra days of diving and accommodation upon booking. Please note: in high season, the dive center is fully booked! We recommend that you book all your dives from home. High Season surcharges MAY apply for the month of December!