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Coffee Bay Surf Camp

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

There is no better place to start than the beautiful beaches of Coffee Bay, in the warm, blue, sub-tropical Indian Ocean. We have perfect, safe, waist deep water for your surf lessons and the beach to ourselves most of the year.

The soft easy, gentle gradient of Coffee Bay beach makes it the perfect spot to learn to surf, or to work on improving your surfing technique and skills. The surf package daily program consists of group lessons, private lessons and theory lessons. The program is flexible, and is customised around the local ocean conditions and the level of proficiency of the surfers.
  • Day 1

    Arrival day. Check in and have your welcome tour of Coffee Shack Backpacker lodge and facilities, get shown to your room, relax or take a walk down to the beach and generally orientate yourself. You will meet our surf instructors, discuss the program for the next few days and any previous surfing experience you may have (none is necessary). Dinner is served around 19:00.

  • Day 2

    We try to cover two surf lessons and a theory lesson on the first day. Start the morning with a cappuccino before your 2 hour morning group lesson, (we never have more than 5 surfers in any of our groups). In this first lesson, you will learn the basics of paddling, catching white waters and standing up, if you have never surfed before. The instructor will assess your surfing skills, so that we can customise your package according to your ability and allocate you the appropriate equipment. Return to Coffee Shack for an energising breakfast. Then you have time to relax, enjoy the hammocks, explore Coffee Bay, or go on a hike, before your first private lesson at 15:00 in the afternoon. The private lessons are exclusive to your group who are doing the Surf Package. Before dinner you will have your first theory lesson, an "Introduction to surf equipment". Dinner is a hearty two course meal, served around 19:00. After dinner enjoy the company of travellers around the camp fire or get some much deserved sleep.

  • Day 3

    Sleep in if you want, enjoy a leisurely breakfast. At 10:30 leave for Beach Day, this entails a day of surf lessons, sun, beach volley ball and general fun. Enjoy another group lesson on the Beach Day and use of the appropriate surf boards all day. Freshly toasted sandwiches are served for lunch. Before dinner you will have your second surf theory lesson, and the usual delicious 2 course meal around 19:00.

  • Day 4

    Start your morning with a group lesson. Return to Coffee Shack for a good breakfast. You then have the day to yourself, until your afternoon private lesson at around 15:00. You can join the daily scheduled day trip to explore the area, use your free “board hire” to get in some extra practise or just relax in the hammocks.

    In your afternoon private lesson, you will have the chance to put your new learned surf theory into practise. That evening you will have your third and final surf theory lesson, before the usual 2 course dinner at around 19:00.

  • Day 5

    Another happy, busy day starting with a standard group lesson, come back and enjoy breakfast. You then have the day to yourself, until your afternoon private lesson at 15:00. During your private lesson, you and the instructors will apply the theory you learned during your previous theory lessons. Enjoy the usual two course dinner that evening.

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Dorm accommodation with the use of the communal bathrooms


Shuttle is provided free from Mthatha and return. The shuttle only goes up to Mthatha once a day, departing Coffee Shack at between 11:00 and 12:00, returning around 15:30, once all guests have arrived.


The following meals are included:
Arrive: Sunday - Dinner
Monday: Breakfast & dinner
Tuesday: Breakfast & dinner
Wednesday: Breakfast & dinner
Thursday: Breakfast & dinner
Departure: Friday - breakfast

**Lunch Day** Usually Tuesday (Lunch day can change, due to ocean and weather conditions.)

Breakfasts: A la carte: We serve a range of cereals, toast and jam, espresso coffee, as well as a variety of cooked breakfasts from eggs on toast and omelettes to the Full Monty.

Our lunch menu includes a variety of toasted sandwiches, burgers, lasagne, fresh line fish (when available) and salads throughout the day. (At clients own cost)

Dinner: Two courses, (starter and main-course, or main-course and dessert) with our famous home-made Xhosa bread. We offer a vegetarian option for all meals. Meals are subject to season.