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Bali Surf Camp - Canggu

Hvis du har brug for at bestille til flere personer/grupper, kan du kontakte en af vores rejsekonsulenter - de er klar til at hjælpe dig med din bestilling!

Learn to surf in the perfect waves in one of the best surfing destinations the world has to offer.

Bali is every surfer's dream. Warm crystal clear water, perfect waves and an embracing culture. Professionals and beginners alike are drawn to what this place has to offer. If you want to learn how to surf, few spots in the world offer better opportunities than our surf camp. Our instructors will have you up and surfing in no time. After a long day in the water the camp is the perfect place to hang out and talk to the others about your day. Bali is full of things to do and we will help you get as much as possible out of your stay, both in and out of the water!

One week example:
- 7 nights at the camp
- 7 breakfasts
- 5 dinners
- 7 days gear (wet suit + surf board)
- Instructions (5 X 2 hours)
- Arrival airport transfer
- 2 yoga classes
  • 1-Week Example Itinerary

    The following is an example of a regular week at the surf camp.

    Day 1
    Arrival day. Check in at the surf camp and then we will show you around. Go for a dip in the pool and just relax and get into the Bali pace of things. Take a walk down to the beach and check out the surroundings. At night we have dinner and inform you about the things you need to know.

    Day 2
    We start the day with a solid breakfast and then head out to where the surf is. Where we go depends on the tides and waves each specific day. Once at the beach you will be divided into groups based on your previous experience and then given your surfboards. At the beach the class will start with an equipment and safety introduction and then we will start working on paddling and pop-ups on the sand if you are a beginner. This is the basics of surfing a wave. After lessons you can hang around and practice some more or go explore the island on your own. Dinner is served at the camp around 19:00.

    Day 3
    New day, new conditions. Your body might be a bit sore from the previous day, but nothing another session can’t cure! We hit the beach and surf for two hours. Then it's lunchtime. Rent a scooter in the afternoon and check out Bali, surf some more or just relax by the pool. Dinner is served around 19:00.

    Day 4
    Maybe early breakfast and then surf, it all depends on the tides. Hopefully by now you are feeling comfortable with the board and the waves. The more waves you catch the faster you will develop. Every day there are new things to learn. If the swell is right we might take a day trip to Uluwato to check out the waves and the temple. If you are keen join in, if not, do your own thing. No dinner at the camp, but join us and try one of the local restaurants.

    Day 5
    Surf, sun, fun, maybe some more surf or just take a relaxed afternoon and enjoy the pool and the camp. Plenty of activities around if you are keen. Visit the rice fields, the temples or go horseback riding. Dinner as usual at the camp.

    Day 6
    Surf, eat, surf, eat, relax, have a massage, surf. Dinner is served and then it might be time to check out the nightlife if you haven’t already? In Kuta or Semanyak choices are limitless. Big clubs, high-end bars or backpacker hangouts. Whatever you want you will find.

    Day 7
    The last day of your surfing week. By this stage you are up and riding and you feel comfortable. Your body is feeling stronger, you are catching more waves and you don't get as tired. You now have a very good understanding of what surfing is about, both in theory and in practice. Now all you need is more time in the water to train what you know. Dinner at the camp in the evening.

    Day 8
    Check out. The adventure is over for now unless you don’t do like many others and book another week. You need to have your things removed from the room before 11:00, but after that you can still hang out and relax at the camp until you are ready to leave.

    The schedule and program are subject to change without prior notice according to weather, waves and other factors.


Optional Activities: Swimming, snorkling, diving, horseback riding, hiking.


This is a beautiful place! The camp is surrounded by a beautiful traditional Balinese garden. Only 5 minutes away from high quality surf, the camp is the perfect spot for people wanting to learn to surf. Plenty of space to relax by the pool or in the shade. Depending on your accommodation choice you will either sleep in a dorm or in the separate bungalow in a double room with private bath, tv and A/C.


Mini-bus. Transfer from the airport to the camp is included in the price.


Breakfast and dinner included (breakfast every day and 5 dinners)

Ekstra information

Visit the town of Ubud that is one of Bali's arts and cultural centers. Check out the ricefields and the local temples. Go horsebackriding in the hills or visit the water park. Go shopping at the outlets, in Kuta or Semaniak and make sure to check out the booming night life!